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Fall 2022

Living Meditation: Deepening & Integrating Practices

Led by Lawrence Edwards, PhD


Living Meditation will take you into the rich meditative practices and teachings found at the most profound levels of the great spiritual traditions.  This is where the ultimate state of non-dual awareness unfolds in all its glory!  During this retreat you will learn to deepen and integrate meditation into everyday life, opening the mind and heart to non-dual awareness. Living Meditation uplifts our home life, work, health and all that we engage in. Meditation begins as a set of practices and then the transformative power of meditation becomes apparent. We shed old conditioned patterns of mind that have us stuck.  The transformative processes of meditation develop and ripen, opening the boundless domain of the state of Living Meditation, also known as sahaja samadhi, in which the waking, dream and deep sleep states are illumined and transformed.  In this retreat you will learn how to deepen your practices, further empower the transformative process of meditation and discover the state of radical freedom, the state of Living Meditation.  This is the state of the Living Presence that already exists within you as your true nature.  Some call this their Buddha nature, or their Christ nature, or their Divine Self. Whatever we call it, it is beyond words, beyond the mind, yet at the very heart of our Being.  Come to know your state of radical freedom, come to know the living presence of the divine within.

Radical freedom unfolds from knowing the truth of who you really are.  Suffering arises from the false self, from identification with the limitations of the conditioned mind and ordinary consciousness.  We have the innate capacity to know what mystics of every tradition have experienced firsthand and rapturously proclaim to be the highest truth – we are what we seek, our highest Self is the Divine within, ever-present in all we perceive, and we can know this directly for ourselves.  In the yogic tradition this innate power of consciousness to know the Infinite as your Self is called Kundalini.  It is also known as the power of grace and the power of revelation and transformation, which is the root power of all meditative and yogic practices.  Come to know the source of this within yourself and you will discover the innate state of radical freedom!

The retreat will include instruction for all levels of practitioners.  We will dive into meditation, chanting, mantra, contemplations and integrative practices for bringing it all home. Discussions and Q&A time will help to further integrate the practices.  All the classic forms of Shaktipat Diksha are incorporated in the retreat and pass the living flame of Kundalini Shakti to everyone present.

Spring 2022 Courses

Mindfulness Meditation For Everyone!

A 8 Week Mindfulness & Mantra Meditation Course

Rescheduling to the fall as an online course via Zoom – dates to be announced.

Learn all you need to establish a meditation practice at home. There is amazing scientific research showing the numerous health benefits of mindfulness meditation and the positive effects of mantra meditation. They are effective in a broad range of applications, from reducing stress, blood pressure and cholesterol levels to increasing peak performance, focus and improving relationships. Meditation calms and eases the mind, transforming everyday life. This 6 week course will give you the foundation to continue practicing meditation and expanding the benefits you experience for years to come.  You’ll learn mindfulness practices and mantra practices that can take you into the deepest states of meditation.  Taught by Lawrence Edwards, PhD, who has trained over 20,000 meditators in the US, Canada and India. He has been practicing meditation for over 45 years and trained as a monk in India.

Weekly Meditation Sessions

Open Meditation:

  • Thursday evenings – except major holidays
  • 7:15-8:30pm
  • Live on Zoom!  Click HERE for link.
  • Anam Cara Meditation Foundation
  • No registration necessary.
  • Fee: by donation

Everyone is welcome!
Led by Lawrence Edwards, PhD, Founder & Director

Swatantriya Meditation – the meditation of absolute freedom. This is the form of meditation taught by Lawrence and includes practices from all traditions. Swatantriya Meditation is based on the inner power of Consciousness called Kundalini in the yogic tradition. It embraces and empowers all meditation techniques to take you beyond the confines of the ordinary mind.

We offer an ongoing nondenominational meditation class that meets every Thursday evening, except for holidays. People can come as frequently as they like. There’s no need to sign up for a series of sessions. We offer these meditation sessions to support people in their ongoing meditation practices. Enjoy!
Fee: All donations gratefully accepted ($20 suggested donation per session). Donations are tax deductible.

All donations go to support the Anam Cara Meditation Foundation. Beginners are welcome, along with experienced meditators. A wide variety of techniques and practices are taught, including chanting, mantra and mindfulness meditation.